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Vast 4,500-year-old network of 'funerary avenues discovered in Saudi Arabia

Ancient tombs (pictured) span large distances in the northwestern Saudi Arabian counties of Al-'Ula and Khaybar, aerial surveys carried out by the University of Western Australia reveal. They form 'funerary avenues' - long-distance 'corridors' linking oases and pastures - dating back to the Bronze Age. Most of the tombs are described as 'pendant' tombs because they resemble circular pieces of jewellery attached to a chain, or 'tail' (top right).

Rare 'rainbow-hued' blanket octopus that stretches its arms out to form a cape when threatened is spotted twirling through the Great Barrier Reef

A marine biologist had a 'once in a lifetime encounter' when she captured pictures and footage of a rare blanket octopus swimming through the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. First discovered in 1963, the marine animal gets its name from sheets of webbing that stretch between some of their arms. And it will stretch its arms out to create a blanket-like silhouette n the hopes of scaring away predators.

The wolf moon will rise at 4:31pm EST and peak at 6:48pm EST - and it will be appear full until Wednesday. According to NASA, there will be 12 full moons this year with the next in February.

Metal plate attached to 2,000 year-old Peruvian warrior's skull may be oldest evidence of

The Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma says the skull, which is in its collection, is reported to have been that of a man who was injured during battle before having some of the earliest forms of surgery to implant a piece of metal in his head to repair the fracture. Experts told the Daily Star that the man was believed to have survived the wound and the surgery, with the skill now a key piece of evidence in proving that ancient peoples were capable of performing complex surgeries. The skull in question is an example of a Peruvian elongated skull, which is an ancient form of body modification where tribe members intentionally deformed the skulls of young children by binding them with cloth or even binding the head between two pieces of wood for prolonged periods of time.

Hearing unfamiliar voices when asleep causes the human brain to tune in during non-rapid eye movement sleep (NREM), the first stage of sleep, researchers in Salzburg report.

The thermal properties of bridgmanite, the primary mineral that makes up the boundary between Earth's mantle and outer core, were studied by researchers from ETH Zürich.

Travel like a superhero! Bizarre zero emission electric craft that will allow its 'Superman-like' pilot to whizz through the air at 160mph completes its first untethered flight test

The full-scale electric ZEVA Aero, created by Tacoma, Washington-based firm ZEVA, performed a series of unmanned flight tests in rural Pierce County on January 9. ZEVA Aero completed four flights, totalling more than four minutes of controlled hovering, simulated taxiing manoeuvres at slow speeds and limited vertical climb manoeuvres. The 'personal flying machine' can transition from an upright 'hover mode' to 'forward flight mode' where the passenger faces downwards as they zoom through the air in a 'Superman-like trajectory' (illustration bottom right).

HS2 metaverse will let engineers put on a virtual reality headset to fix faults

Sensors will detect any faults or issues on train tracks and beam data back to a 3D digital replica, or metaverse, at a nearby control centre in Washwood Heath, Birmingham. HS2, which is estimated to cost more than £100 billion overall, aims to provide a high-speed rail service linking London and northern England. The first 'phase' of the line, between London and Birmingham, is expected to open between 2029 and 2033.

Bald eagles are feasting on dead deer that is contaminated with gunshot ammunition and are dying of lead poisoning. This is resulting in a drop in population growth of up to six percent.

The most detailed 3D map of the universe EVER is under construction: Astrophysicists unveil stunning 'CT scan' of 7.5 million galaxies that are among 35 million set to be captured during five-year project

The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) has completed its first seven months of a survey that is expected to take a total of five years. An international collaboration of scientists, led by the US Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, are using the survey to create a 'phenomenally detailed 3D map' that will help explain dark energy. It has so far catalogued over 7.5 million galaxies, and is adding more at about a million a month, on its mission to have a map showing 35 million unique galaxies. The aim of the project is to shed light on the mysterious dark energy, a force that makes up 68 per cent of the universe and is accelerating its expansion.

The FaceBit, or 'Fitbit for the face', is a quarter-sized sensor which attaches to a face mask using a small magnet and tracks a user's respiration rate, heart rate, and how long they've worn the mask.

Adults and children in London who have lung problems should reduce strenuous physical exertion today, according to the government's UK-AIR monitoring website.

Fancy a byte to eat? Chinese restaurant chain is forced to use ROBOT waiters priced at £14,500 each after struggling with staff shortages during the Covid pandemic

Directors at The Chinese Buffet unveiled one BellaBot in each of four restaurants in Liverpool, St Helens, Bolton and Wigan, to serve food to diners in place of humans. Quirky footage shows Bella, who features a wide-eyed feline face, sweeping across the restaurant floor dishing out delicacies to delighted customers. The guide price for the friendly-faced robots is $20,000 (£14,500), which is less than the cost of employing a waiter at minimum wage for 40 hours per week.

An international team of scientists, led by the University of Cambridge, created a series of computer and mathematical models to study the early moon.

Watch the Earth BREATHE: Mesmerising animation captures plants taking up and releasing carbon as the seasons change 

The animation was created by an ecologist at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry in Jena, Germany. It shows the carbon cycle - the process in which carbon atoms continually travel from the atmosphere to the Earth and then back into the atmosphere. Parts of the globe can be seen sinking as the Earth's plants suck carbon out of the atmosphere, but inflate when these plants release carbon.


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Astronomers report an exomoon almost three times the size of Earth

What's believed to be an 'exomoon' - a moon outside our solar system - is orbiting a Jupiter-sized planet called Kepler 1708b, 5,500 light-years away from Earth, report scientists at Columbia University in New York. The experts made the discovery using data from NASA's Kepler space telescope (inset), which was decommissioned in 2018.

A luxury boat that's perfect for high-flyers! 'Mega' 490ft-long superyacht-cum-blimp that is designed to FLY as well as sail is unveiled in futuristic concept 

Called Air Yacht, the extravagant vehicle has been revealed in detailed concept images by the Rome-based company Lazzarini Design Studio, which has not revealed how much it might cost. The dry carbon fibre structure can reach 60 knots with its electric engines and two blimps, allowing it to fly, hover and float on the water too. Air Yacht is not an airship for public transportation or touristic purposes; rather, it is conceived for a private owner, according to the design firm. Luxury features include an on-board swimming pool (pictured) and a spacious living and dining area.

The study into icy Mimas, which is the smallest astronomical body known to still be round in shape due to self-gravitation, was carried out by the Southwest Research Institute in Colorado

Robot with a pair of 'claws' at the end of humanoid-shaped arms is used to perform transvaginal hysterectomies at three US medical facilities 

Hominis features a pair of 'pinching claws' attached to two humanoid-shaped arms. This robotic assistant is helping US surgeons perform transvaginal hysterectomies. Hominis enters through the vagina to perform the hysterectomy and then wraps its arms around the uterus to perform the operation.

HS2 dig finds ancient road and 2,000-year-old coins

Stunning artefacts have been found near the village of Chipping Warden in Northamptonshire. The site is known as Blackgrounds after the black soil found there. The presence of such a significant archaeological site in the area has been known since the 18th century, but recent geophysical surveys have revealed the original Iron Age part of the site. Findings include a Roman lead die surrounded by bone gaming pieces (top right) and more than 300 Roman coins (bottom right) - an indicator of the location's prosperity.

The future of farming? John Deere unveils its first driverless tractor that can be controlled by farmers using a smartphone and even stops ploughing if animals run in front of it

The US farming equipment giant revealed details of the adapted 8R tractor on the first day of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on Wednesday. It comes with six pairs of cameras and artificial intelligence, allowing it to check its position to the inch, and stop if it detects an animal or object in its path. As well as selling an adapted 8R, John Deere said the cameras and computers for automated tilling can be installed on an existing tractor in just one day. The company will deliver up to 20 machines this year, with a scaled up rollout in the coming years - but is yet to decide if the new kit will be sold directly, leased or offered as a subscription.

Surgeons conducted an experimental therapy that transplanted healthy pig brain cells into Cornutt's brain to cure his epilepsy. Nearly 16 months after the operation and Cronutt has not had an episode.

A new study by the University of Cambridge found that the remains have to pre-date a colossal volcanic eruption in the East African Rift valley, which happened 230,000 years ago.

Nokia 6310 review: Rebooted handset is a blessed relief from apps and social media

Nokia's latest reboot, modelled on the original 6310 from 2001 (inset), may be the answer to a smartphone detox in 2022. The Espoo, Finland-based firm says the handset is a 'perfect tonic' for a yearning for nostalgia. It comes with a 2.8-inch screen, a 20-day battery life and the classic mobile game Snake - although the phone's camera is just 0.3 megapixels, resulting in some very grainy images.

The Chinese team found that in some types of rock, at a mid-latitude on the moon, molecules of H20 were present at about 120 parts per million, and others at 180ppm.

Photographs of rich turbulence in the polar regions of Jupiter's gassy atmosphere were sent back to Earth by the NASA Juno spacecraft to be studied by scientists.

Death of 'Throes:' Astronomers watch rapid self-destruction of a massive star in real time - for first time ever - as cosmic object collapses into a supernova

Throes, a red supergiant, was seen exploding and collapsing into a supernova by astronomers in real time. This is the first time this type of event has been witnessed by human eyes. Prior to this historic event, it was thought red supergiants showed no evidence of their soon-to-be explosions, but throes was found to emit a bright radiation leading up to its final days. The team put together an animation (pictured) (showing what they saw unravel during the star's transformation to a supernova.

People driving Honda vehicles from 2004 to 2012 seem to have been hit by the issue, including those in the UK and US, with dozens taking to social media and Honda forums to complain.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo - or 'E3', for short - has been bringing together gaming developers, publishers and hardware designers in Los Angeles annually since 1995.

Mayans had enough drought-tolerant plants to eat when their society collapsed, suggesting that something else was to blame for their downfall, University of California, Riverside experts say.

Two bronze helmets with elaborate horns were found in the 1940s in a bog in Viksø, Denmark. Now, researchers say they were deposited in the bog around 900 BC, before the first Vikings in the region.

Formula One of the future? Hydrogen-powered 'carcopter' that can reach speeds of 155 mph and costs £665,000 is to be tested on race circuits after being unveiled at CES 2022

French company Maca says it plans to test its eco-friendly £665,000 hydrogen-powered 'carcopter' on racetracks this year. It will have a top speed of 155mph, meaning a pilot onboard the 23ft craft can give Formula One stars a run for their money.But unlike the gas-guzzling machines driven by Sir Lewis Hamilton and co, this vehicle does not create any CO2 emissions and is fully recyclable. The firm hopes carcopter racing may even replace F1 as a sport.

Scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, said they wanted to honour the Hollywood actor for his help in petitioning against logging in the Ebo Forest in Cameroon last year.

Brain scans of 18 dogs were taken by researchers from the Eötvös Loránd University as they played the canines either real speech in or gibberish derived from, either Hungarian or Spanish.

A life-size replica of Sierra Space's Dream Chaser plane is on display at this year's CES, along with a smaller version of the company's inflatable space station that will cater to astronauts and tourists.

Completed in December, the digs around Ayn Bani Sa'dah in the Qumayrah Valley were led by the University of Warsaw and Oman's Ministry of Heritage and Tourism.

Comet Leonard is captured streaking through space in a blaze of blue, green and orange

Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy (pictured inset) waited for several hours to capture Comet Leonard (main) from his home in Arizona after it made its closest approach to Earth on December 12. Images show the 'incredible structure and colour' around the comet's nucleus and its wispy, green-tinted tail. Comet Leonard was discovered by astronomer Gregory J Leonard on January 3, 2021, making it a relatively recent cosmic finding.

This is NOT a fish tale! Goldfish are trained to 'DRIVE' a robotic tank by swimming in a certain direction to show they can navigate on land as well as in the water

Six goldfish were trained to use a specially-made vehicle and find their way around a room towards a food reward, report scientists at Ben-Gurion University, Beersheba, Israel. The results suggest that fish can adjust their navigation skills 'to a wholly different terrestrial environment', according to the researchers, who have published their results in a new paper.

COVID vaccines prolong menstrual cycles by 19 hours, study reveals 

Many women have reported changes in their menstrual cycle after getting the COVID vaccine and new study validates these claims - it found after one shot cycles can be prolonged for 19 hours. However, a subgroup of app users who received two vaccine doses in the same menstrual cycle (358 users) had a larger average increase in cycle length of two days.

The Invoxia team, based in Issy les Moulineaux, France, used radar sensors that use light to send signals into, and receive data back, from the skin of the dog.

Samsung debuted several new folding gadgets , smartphones and laptops, at CES 2022. The gadgets have three panels and unravel in an either a S- or G-shape design to provide a larger display.

Roundup: The key space highlights to look forward to in 2022 

MailOnline has pulled together a selection of the most exciting, or most notable space events happening over the coming year. This will include massive rocket launches, space probes visiting asteroids, and the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope.

The ancient leather armour with fish-like scales was discovered in the tomb of a horse rider at the Yanghai graveyard site near Turfan in China.

With the help of a tailor-made microscope, researchers were able to record how brain cells of the fish - which are transparent when young.

The research, titled Shark Side of the Moon: Are Shark Attacks Related to Lunar Phase?, found an increase in shark attacks when the moon is fuller.

US law mandates helicopters have working radar altimeters in order to fly, but 5G is known to render the devices unreliable. This means many medevac choppers could be grounded.

A team of scientists found words like 'determine' and 'conclusion' that were popular from 1850 through 1980 have been since been replaced with human experience such as 'feel' and 'believe.'

Foodtech startup Platish introduced its plant-based salmon filet on Thursday that is made through 3D printing. It has Omega-3s and protein, but eliminates the mercury, hormones and microplastics.

Samsung's new TV remote, Eco Remote, harvests radio waves from nearby home routers as its energy source. It will be displayed at CES 2022 in Las Vegas this week.

A vegan and eco-friendly egg white has been created using fungus, which could provide an alternative to intensive chicken farming, reports scientists in Helsinki and Espoo, Finland.

NASA announced on Friday the Biden administration is extending operations of the ISS through 2030, but the ship was only meant to last 156 years and is starting to age.

Callisto will combine into one interface the voice control technology of Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant with Cisco's Webex video conferencing system.

The freshly-described flora and fauna hail from as far and wide as the lowland forests of Madagascar to the coral reefs around Easter Island and the treetops of Mexico.

Samsung's new Galaxy S21 FE was unveiled at CES. The smartphone boasts similar technology of the Galaxy S21 smartphone family, but for $100 less - the new handset starts at $699.

The 'Asian unicorn', also called the saola, is native to the mountains of Vietnam and Laos, but it's 'critically endangered' according to the IUCN Red List.

Species are disappearing at more than100 times the natural rate, according to Stanford University's Paul Erhlich, who said it was yet more evidence the world is facing a sixth mass extinction.

The space telescope was deployed from the Space Shuttle Discovery's cargo bay on April 25, 1990, sitting 340 miles above the surface of the Earth.

It has been slowly unfolding, part-by-part, as it makes the million mile journey to the second lagrange point, a gravitationally stable point between the sun and Earth.

Air pollution is estimated to have killed 1.8 million people in 2019 alone (Nick Ansell/PA)

Fine particulate matter concentrations and associated mortality trends in over 13,000 cities were studied for the period from 2000-2019 by George Washington University-led experts.

The first ever comprehensive study of mummified children in Sicily's famous burial catacombs in the city of Palermo is being led by Staffordshire University.

Affectionately known as 'our eye on the Universe', the Hubble Space Telescope was launched on April 24, 1990, via the space shuttle Discovery from Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

More time than ever before is spent on mobile apps - 4.8 hours per day, or about a third of average waking hours, according to San Francisco firm App Annie.

Satisfyer brought a trove of vibrators to CES, while Lora DiCarlo's micro-robot that simulates a human mouth won an innovation award. Men's sexual health also had presence at the event this year.

The exoplanet, known as WASP-103b, is the first the planet found not to be shaped like a sphere. It's rugby ball-shape is due to a strong tidal forces between the planet and its host star.

The move will impact devices running BlackBerry 7.1 and earlier, BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook OS 2.1 - although Android-powered models will be unaffected, the Canadian firm said.

The Environment Audit Committee criticised government inaction and budget cuts that are tying the hands of the Environment Agency in the fight against pollution in rivers across England.

People who are bored will behave more sadistically to mitigate feelings of being disinterested. This includes viewing images of injured people or even thinking about harming others.

David Colombo, 19, shared the warning on Twitter, saying the flaw was found in a third-party software that stores the Tesla owner's sensitive information. Tesla is looking into the matter.

A pair of cannabinoid acids were identified in cannabis that are able to bind with the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, blocking it from infecting human cells. The compounds can also be taken orally.

The Steller's sea eagle that is lost in North America was been spotted in Maine during Friday's snowstorm. The 20-pound bird is native to Asia, but was caught in a storm that blew it off course.

Elon Musk's Las Vegas Convention Center Loop is shuttling CES attendees through three stations, but a video shows the underground tunnels are more of a 'death trap' than innovation.

The tracks - found on a beach near Penarth by walker Kerry Rees in 2020 - were examined by a team of experts from Liverpool John Moores University.

The telescope, which blasted off from the Guiana Space Centre on Christmas Day, is seen as a mere speck in the sky among the stars in footage.

Google attacked Apple saying it uses 'peer pressure and bullying' to convince users, mainly teens, that its iMessage is a status symbol and Android is a sign of lower class.

The US was hit with 20 extreme weather events, including droughts, flooding, tropical storms and wildfires, in 2021 that resulted in 688 deaths and cost $145 billion in damages.

Elon Musk's Tesla made a few updates over the weekend - it announced the Full Self-Driving package will increase to $12,000 and it added three driving modes to the system.

People are suffering because their immune systems cannot tell the difference between a healthy cell and an attacking virus, experts at the Francis Crick Institute in London say.

The waterproof pack - developed by researchers from Harvard and the Nanyang Technological University - looks exactly like transparent plastic.

NASA astronaut Michael 'Rich' Clifford died late on Tuesday at the age of 69. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1994, but kept the disease a secret to finish out his career as an astronaut.

'Our telescope is blooming like a flower in space,' the US space agency tweeted,' adding that 'this marks the start of a major phase to #UnfoldTheUniverse: our sunshield deployment.'

The 'riverbank hunter' and 'hell heron' were named after the swampy environment they would once have lived and hunted in, according to the London museum.

A new nasal spray treatment - developed by scientists at the University of Helsinki may be able to give high-risk people immunity from COVID-19 for up to eight hours at a time.

Elon Musk's company SpaceX launched the satellites aboard a Falcon 9 rocket from Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 16:49 EST (21:49 GMT) on Thursday (January 6).

This year's CES is packed with new headphones and earbuds to improve your listening experience while on the go, at the gym or even in the office. DailyMail has gathered the best ones shown so far.

Thanks to conservationists from Chester Zoo and the Michoacan University, 1,500 of the 3-inch-long fish have been restored to the springs of the Teuchitlán River.

Found in 1881 at Deir el-Bahari, Amenhotep I's mummy has never been unwrapped by modern Egyptologists because the specimen and its facemask is so beautifully preserved.

Exploring clues left in a Devon church, researchers believe that Edward V was sent away, rather than killed, and lived out his life in the village of Coldridge.

Researchers led from Wuhan University studied data on 15.8 million pregnancies to determine the optimum amount of weight mothers-to-be should put on.

When orangutan mothers are foraging, they tailor their behaviour to match the age and abilities of their offspring, researchers in Konstanz, Germany report.

Scientists and engineers shouted 'Go Webb, go!' as the NASA James Webb Telescope module detached from its rocket and floated off into space far above the earth's surface.

One company, Texas-based construction tech startup ICON, has revealed imaginative concepts including a 3D-printed building that shows how humans could one day live on Mars.