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"Forty-two individual islands, each representing a key member of the Republic. Here visitors will be able to experience everything the Republic has to offer, from the golden beaches of Spira and island spires of Bestine, to the bustling markets of Jaresh and fashion emporiums of Alderaan."
Coordinator Samera Ra-oon[src]

The World Pavilions[3] were a group of forty-two floating islands constructed for the Republic Fair on Valo. Situated above Lonisa City, the pavilions represented a selection of the Galactic Republic's most key members, including Spira, Bestine, Boz Pity, Jaresh, Alderaan, Onderon, Rhinnal, and Hetzal Prime.[2] The largest and most central island represented Coruscant, the Republic's capital.[3] Held aloft by repulsorlifts, the islands contained representations of the planets' environments maintained by sophisticated environmental controls, allowing for the snow on Rhinnal's island to stay cold even in Valo's summer heat. The pavilions were destroyed during a Nihil attack on the fair, being knocked out of the sky onto either the city or Lake Lonisa.[2]


Notes and references[]

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