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July 22, 2021


Star Wars: The High Republic

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Updating all articles on Jedi from THR

WookieeProject The High Republic is a collaborative effort to improve Wookieepedia's coverage on topics related to the Star Wars: The High Republic multimedia project. If you are interested in helping out, just sign your name using three tildes (~~~) in the "Participants" section below!

The High Republic media[]

Phase I: Light of the Jedi


Young adult

Audio dramas

Short stories

Comic books

Comic miniseries

Young readers



All articles that originated from or are featured in THR media have the eventual goal of obtaining Featured, Good, or Comprehensive status. Articles that are unable to reach the required length for Featured—1,000 words—or Good—250 words—status can be put up for nomination for Comprehensive status. Use this flowchart for additional help when writing status articles.

Choosing an article[]

In choosing articles to add as projects, please make sure that:

  1. It initially appears in a THR product. Or,
  2. There's at least two appearances/mentions of it in a THR product.
  3. However, the second rule may be mitigated if a subject happens to be prominently featured in even one or more THR products.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to bring the article up on the project's talk page.

Once the article is added as a future project, please place the notice below on the article's talk page so that others may get involved.

Current nominations

FeaturedIcon.png Current Featured article nominations[]

Date NominatedNominationNominatorLast Edited

GoodIcon.png Current Good article nominations[]

Date NominatedNominationNominatorLast Edited
31 December 2021Praknat 3SilverSunbird16:43, 20 January 2022

Era-comp.png Current Comprehensive article nominations[]

Date NominatedNominationNominatorLast Edited
20 January 2022Blood Moon UprisingSilverSunbird23:14, 20 January 2022
19 January 2022Summer melonJediMasterMacaroni05:44, 21 January 2022
16 January 2022VishlaSilverSunbird14:34, 18 January 2022
13 January 2022GeraJediMasterMacaroni06:47, 17 January 2022
6 January 2022Yihyoung LiDentface21:44, 18 January 2022
28 December 2021Jinix's dronemateYakovChaimTzvi05:24, 14 January 2022
28 December 2021Katerina BelikovaDentface23:13, 15 January 2022

Successful nominations[]

Comprehensive articles promoted[]

Article Nominated by Crossover with CAN Date successfully nominated
Palo Hidalla Infectedzombieguy
Link 2021-09-01
Dubraib JediMasterMacaroni
Link 2021/09/10
Ashas Rine SilverSunbird Link 2021/11/17
Dac ballet YakovChaimTzvi Link 2021/11/19
Sedri Editoronthewiki Link 2021/11/21
Clay warriors of Zardossa Stix SilverSunbird Link 2021/11/26
Ormachek JediMasterMacaroni Link 2021/11/29
Filar-Nitzan SilverSunbird Link 2021/12/03
Forbidden Forms SilverSunbird Link 2021/12/23
Cervil SilverSunbird Link 2022/01/05
Starless Expanse Dentface Link 2022/01/12
Rhinnal SilverSunbird Link 2022/01/12
Kotab SilverSunbird Link 2022/01/16
Rushlight Equinox SilverSunbird Link 2022/01/20

Good articles promoted[]

Article Nominated by Crossover with GAN Date successfully nominated
Bassa hound Cwedin WP:NOVELS GAN 2021/08/12
Gil Jaretto JediMasterMacaroni Link 2021/10/03
Wishan Infectedzombieguy Link 2021/11/20

Featured articles promoted[]

Article Nominated by Crossover with FAN Date successfully nominated

Current projects[]

Current individual projects[]

Please add articles that you are working on and list your name next to them. Once an article has been nominated for status, move it to the appropriate section above.

Note: Inactive projects are subject to removal on a regular basis to keep articles open for other users. Therefore, please be courteous to others and do not reserve more projects than you can handle, this is a very high-traffic wiki.

Current group project[]

Jedi of The High Republic[]

Image Article Contributors Rank Notes
Ada-Li Carro Jedi Master
Adampo Jedi Master
Arkoff.jpg Arkoff Zed42
THR4MikeMayhewVirgin.jpg Avar Kriss Jedi Master
Bell Zettifar.png Bell Zettifar Jedi Padawan
Bibs.jpg Bibs Jedi Padawan
Brisbane Jedi Master
BurryagaYT.png Burryaga Agaburry Jedi Padawan
Ceret TheHighRepublic2.png Ceret Jedi Knight
Cherff Maota.jpg Cherff Maota Jedi Master
Cibaba Jedi Master
Cohmac.png Cohmac Vitus Jedi Master
Devo Jedi Master
Dez Rydan Jedi Knight
Douglas Sunvale Jedi Master
Elzar Mann.png Elzar Mann Jedi Master
Emerick Caphtor.png Emerick Caphtor
Ephru Shinn JediMasterMacaroni Jedi Master
MaruTHR3.jpg Estala Maru Zed42 Jedi Master
Farzala.jpg Farzala Tarabal Zed42 Jedi Padawan
Giktoo Nelmo Jedi Master
Imri.jpg Imri Cantaros Jedi Padawan
IndeeraStokes.jpg Indeera Stokes Jedi Knight
Jora Malli Jedi Master
Kantam Sy THRA3.png Kantam Sy Jedi Master
Keaton Murag Jedi Master
KeeveTrennisComic.png Keeve Trennis Panther436 Jedi Padawan
Jedi Knight
Klias Teradine Jedi Padawan
Kym Jedi Padawan
Lahru Grand Master
Laret Soveral Jedi Master
LilyToraAsi.png Lily Tora-Asi Jedi Knight
Lio Josse
LodenGreatstorm-LotJAudiobook.jpg Loden Greatstorm Jedi Master
LulaTalisola-THRA2.png Lula Talisola Jedi Padawan
MikkelSutmani.png Mikkel Sutmani Jedi Knight
NibAssek.png Nib Assek Jedi Master
Obratuk.jpg Obratuk Jedi Master
Oppo rancisis2.jpg Oppo Rancisis Jedi Master
Orbalin THR4.png OrbaLin
OrlaJareni.png Orla Jareni Jedi Master
Palo Hidalla infectedzombieguy
Poreht La Jedi Master
PorterEngle.jpg Porter Engle Jedi Master
GrandMasterVeter.png Pra-Tre Veter Jedi Master
Qort HRA2.png Qort Jade Moonstroller Jedi Padawan
Rah Barocci Jedi Knight
RamJomaramDB.png Ram Jomaram Jedi Padawan
Rana Kant Jedi Master
Reath OOTS.png Reath Silas Jedi Knight
Rohmar Montgo
Simmix Zed42 Jedi Master
SskeerCharactersOfTHR.png Sskeer Panther436 Jedi Master
TheHighRepublic-5-MayhewVirgin.jpg Stellan Gios Pipalicious Jedi Master
TalBota.jpg Tal Bota Jedi Master
TeAmi.png Te'Ami Jedi Knight
Tera Sinube HS.png Tera Sinube Jedi Master
InjuredTerec.png Terec Jedi Knight
Teri Rosason Jedi Master
Tia Mirabel Jedi Master
TorbanBuck.jpg Torban Buck Jedi Master
TyYorrick-TRS.png Ty Yorrick Jedi Padawan
Unidentified Jedi Master Jedi Master
Wishan.png Wishan infectedzombieguy Jedi Master
Vernestra OOTS.png Vernestra Rwoh Jedi Knight
YaraelPoof-SWCT.png Yarael Poof Jedi Master
Yoda SWSB.png Yoda Grand Master
Zaviel Tepp

Talk page template[]

Paste {{WPTHRtalk}} onto the talk pages of any articles relating to the project so that others may get involved. Make sure you have read the "Choosing an article" section above to determine which articles to use the template on.


"We are all the Republic!"

WookieeProject The High Republic is within the scope of WookieeProject: The High Republic, an effort to develop comprehensive and detailed articles with topics originating in or related to the Star Wars: The High Republic multimedia project.
If you would like to participate, you can edit the article attached to this notice or visit our project page, where you can join the project and contribute to the discussion.


Sign your name with three tildes (~~~). Once you've joined, please feel free to use the {{User WookieeProject}} userbox on your user page.

All members will be expected to maintain a basic level of activity as members of this wiki. Those who appear to be inactive will be removed from this list. If your name has been removed, you are welcome to re-add it if and when you return.

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