Nick Huckleberry Beak How To Juggle Online

So you want to throw things around and catch them again? Be warned, juggling is catching! Once you have read this book there will be no turning back. Anything can be juggled. You will start with balls, then soon you will want to juggle fruit and vegetables. Next it will be plates, cups, the furniture, or even the family pet. What juggling is all about is fun: trying out new ideas and, most important of all, enjoying what you do. Nick Huckleberry Beak takes you through juggling tricks using beanbags, apples, ropes, and…wait for it…cookies and coat hangers! Some tricks you will be able to do right away. Others will take a little while to perfect. Either way, it will be fun for you and entertaining for others and with over 200 step-by-step photographs and easy instructions you will soon become a master entertainer. Hold on to your hat. Here we go!
How To Juggle
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