John Bridges How to Be a Gentleman Revised and Expanded Online

If you have ever felt unsure or uncomfortable when facing a social dilemma, John Bridges answers these questions and more in his classic handbook for men.

The rules were simpler in bygone days, but technological changes have caused seismic shifts to the cultural landscape of 21st century. Do the rules of common courtesy still apply?

Social media and smart phones have shaped communication in unprecedented ways, and increased connection has created a global melting pot. Social norms that were once understood now feel uncertain. How should a sophisticated man conduct himself in the diverse environments he may encounter? How to Be a Gentleman is an indispensable guide for men of all ages who aspire to become gentlemen, including tips and guidelines such as:
How to respond to those with whom you disagreeWhen and where it is appropriate to use your cellphoneHow to dress for various formal eventsRules for conducting yourself at the gymHow to engage respectfully with different cultural and religious contexts
How to Be a Gentleman Revised and Expanded
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