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If you love fast paced, hands-on hobbies… like working with engines... building models... and just racing remote controlled cars... then you've found the right book! Do you love cars, engines, and engineering? Can you remember the first time you took control of a remote controlled car and became fascinated by its simple yet gripping play? For many decades now, remote controlled cars have fascinated and inspired multiple generations. There is something truly exhilarating about remotely piloting a highly complicated piece of machinery at 60 mph! Even though they've been around since the 1960's, these gadgets have evolved into something far more than just toys. And today there are competitions all over the nation dedicated to this thrilling hobby! No matter your expertise, age, or experience, you'll find there is a lot to love about these high-tech gadgets! You can go to the store, pick your model, and start racing today, or you can spend just a little bit more time learning about RC cars... and build your own high speed racing machine! Because of its simple yet powerful draw, RC racing is a great way to span the generations and bond young with old. This is a complete guide to RC cars and racing. Everything you need to know about RC cars is in this simple, easy to understand guide so that you can easily learn all there is to know about remote controlled cars. Things like: - The History of Remote Controlled Cars: The intriguing story of the RC car's humble beginnings - Find Out Which Car Is Right For You... start enjoying your favorite car today! - An In-Depth Look At RC Cars ...including all the different engine options and power sources! Build the fastest car... and win more races - How To Build Your RC Car without all the fuss of learning it on your own. - An Overview Of The Different Models... get your car... or a plane in no time! - The Different Sizes Of Cars and get your perfect car! - How To Operate Your RC Car so it keeps running at top speed! - Tips For Racing... take those corners faster, keep your car in one piece, and win the race! - A Detailed Break Down Of Racing Rules and Regulations... know what to expect at your first race! - Plus much, MUCH MORE! This just scratches the surface of what’s in this book. If you've ever been intrigued by RC cars, but didn't know where to start, then this book will get you started on the right foot. It contains everything you need to know to get you started in the exciting world of RC car and RC racing today!
Remote Controlled Cars 101
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